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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical day look like?


My schedule always changes due to frequent travel. Spring training is the busiest time of year with the whole Twins organization in Florida mid-February through the end of March. We have two locations providing 3 meals/day, plus snacks and hydration. It’s long hours, but I have a total blast!


Throughout the season I focus on providing players with nutrition education through different platforms such as individual counseling, plate coaching, social media and emails. I travel to all affiliates a few times per year, including the newly developed Dominican Republic Academy. I speak with all players, coaches and staff in groups on different topics such as healthy travel, proper hydration, hotel cooking, as well as safe and effective supplement use. We all learn together and I try to make it fun, because let’ face it broccoli isn’t really that exciting! Equally as important is providing healthy, accessible and acceptable food, so I oversee the logistics of options before, during and after games in addition to travel.


With The Educated Plate, I am writing constantly for article contributions and the blog! I typically counseling sessions for individuals throughout the week and a presentation engagement lined up each month. It requires a lot of time management and perhaps sacrificing other opportunities but I really enjoy it. I’ve spent years prioritizing my education and career because it’s very important to me. The Educated Plate is an opportunity and outlet to express my nutrition and culinary interest on the blog, through contributions, and in media. My latest muse is Instagram Story where I am offer health tips, cooking ideas, farmers market finds and travel adventures on the daily!


What made you want to become an Registered Dietitian

with a focus on sports nutrition?


When I was in college I had to maintain a specific weight because I was on the lightweight boat of the rowing team. As I saw friends managing the same weight requirements and slipping into unhealthy habits, I dove into educating myself about food and nutrition. I started making team dinners and friends healthy cookies. Gaining advice from my coach was a weekly interaction. I quickly realized my fashion industry management major was not my focus or ultimate career goal so after two years I transferred back up to Boston to start get a degree in food and nutrition.


My first job was a dream come true, in higher education foodservice where I would be on the implementation side of many athletes making healthy choices in the dining hall. I supported D1 teams at two different schools, offering presentations and individual counseling throughout the year. The football team breakfast and pregame meal was always fun to organize. When the Twins dietitian was open it was a challenge I was ready for.


how did yo position yourself for your role with Mn Twins?


My background is primarily in foodservice management, which really helps with the logistics of food availability and service at every affiliate and while teams are on the road. Having experience working with D1 athletes, opening 4+ new lines of business, being flexible to moving and open to constant travel all helped my case.


My words of advice and in personal experience, you must really nail the interview. You work so hard for years to prepare yourself for having the requirements of a job, but equally as important is the hour you’re promoting your skills and experience to your potential employer. The goal is for the employer to walk away feeling they must hire you, without a doubt, today. If they offer to have a phone interview, suggest and invest in meeting them in person. Over prepare yourself with answers to interview questions, understand the business, their strengths and weaknesses. Pitch how your skills and expertise will help solve problems, grow the business and increase profit. Above all smile, be confidant and simply yourself.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?


When I work with someone to establish a plan to reach a goal, and they accomplish that goal, it’s breathtaking. When they realize managing their health can be enjoyable and not a task. When I’m truly appreciated and valued as a contributor to someone’s overall wellbeing. When I make a difference in someone’s life, for the best. I get lit up about empowering people to internally grow and build confidence.


What Advice do you have for RD2Be's? 


Don’t let anyone ever tell you, you can’t, you’re not good enough or you won’t be able to. You can. Believe in yourself. Dream big. Work hard. Network. Always continue to learn. Give yourself time to digest situations. Take risks. Lean on people for support. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t take too much on. Exercise, rest and mental health are equally as important as eating well!



It is critical that dietitians stand up and protect the value of our profession. We are highly educated individuals with a diverse and unique set of skills that can benefit so many people, companies and industries. The unfortunate reality is society generally misunderstands or undervalues dietitians, though it has drastically improved over the years.  Collaboratively we must do a better job at explaining what we do, as we are far more than a nutritionist or health coach. A simple elevator pitch that goes further into detail of our capabilities goes a long way when talking with a colleague or friend. We could easily have a role in anyone’s life, across the lifespan sickness and in health.


What are you career goals for the next 5 years?


I will have my CSSD credential within the next year. I’d love to write for top health, food and nutrition magazines to reach and inspire the masses. My goal is to be a driving force in shifting the culture of healthy food availability for baseball. This year I plan to speak at the annual CPSDA conference and Holy Cross; speaking at FNCE would be an accomplishment. I’d love to write a book, create an app or something elevated in our future technology world to improve the relationship people have with healthy eating.


If you dream dig and work hard, anything is possible.

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