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The Power of Choice

In today’s fast paced world, we all need to take time to remember the power we have within ourselves. If we set our mind to it, and believe in it, we are capable of great accomplishments, including optimal health and physical fitness.

Over the last 6 months I’ve moved twice, changed jobs, and launched this company. It was a whirlwind to say the least, but reality is we are all busy!

During that transitional time, I learned a lot about the power within and making it a priority to keep it simple. I recognized that by minimizing obstacles, distractions and material objects, I found myself having a surplus of energy to use towards the things I love and goals I want to achieve.

Ultimately this was a life-changing reminder that we all have the power to choose how we spend our time and energy. On a daily basis we make hundreds of decisions about everything from wardrobe to social engagements to our favorite hobbies.

What about food? Do you use that power of choice wisely when it comes to grocery shopping, ordering from your favorite restaurant’s menu, or selecting ingredients from your fridge to make for the next meal?

Just like time, interactions with food will continue for as long as we live. When it comes to prioritizing health, welcoming change, and taking control of the foods we eat, there is no better time than now. So make the commitment. Realize you have the power to make conscious choices about the food you eat.

The next step is to see if those choices match the priorities you’ve set. Do the foods you eat align with your health and fitness goals? Before you take another bite or buy another bag of groceries, take a step back and savor your “aha” moment. Be aware, be smart and own what’s on your plate!

On the blog you’ll find I have a simple approach to the foods I eat and recommend; from planning, to preparation, various cooking methods, and how I shop for groceries. I will often use products that I can provide honest opinion and nutritional feedback about to make your grocery shopping choices more clear.

I hope to encourage real, sustainable whole food solutions to fit your busy lifestyle and empower you to make healthy choices that help you reach your goals. Prioritize your well being, the foods on your plate, and choose a healthier you.

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