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The Secret Ingredient of Greek Yogurt

Disclosure: I have partnered with Dannon Oikos to discuss the benefits of Oikos Greek yogurt. The following opinions are entirely my own as I regularly purchase and promote this product. I have been compensated for my time and have received sample product, however I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

Greek yogurt has been one of my kitchen staples for many years. I love starting the day with a whole food smoothie or enjoy it as a healthy snack with fruit and granola. I constantly find creative ways to use plain Greek yogurt as an ingredient substitute for foods high in fat or that contain added sugars.

Oikos regular nonfat Greek yogurt stands out to me from other brands because not only does it contain 0g of fat, but it contains 0 added sugar and is made without any artificial sweeteners. The regular Greek yogurt has 12g of protein while the Triple Zero varieties have 15g of protein per 5.3oz, which is more protein than that contained in two eggs!

Here are a few ways to incorporate it in some of my favorite everyday recipes.

Let’s be real, there’s nothing quite like a plate of nachos with guac and sour cream, especially on Sunday afternoon while watching football with family and friends. As a result of weekend indulgences, Monday morning hits and you may not be feeling so hot. Reducing fat content by adding high protein Okios Greek nonfat yogurt is a great way to enjoy the foods you love, without compromising taste (or your Monday morning workout). Try these two game day recipes on nachos, tacos and seven layer dips!

CREAMY GUACAMOLE - makes about 4 cups; 16 - 1/4c servings

5.3oz Oikos plain nonfat Greek yogurt

1 medium tomato, diced

2 slices of purple onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 jalapeno, deseeded and mined (increase or decrease based on spice preference)

10 stems or 1/4c cilantro, minced

Juice of ½ lime

Salt and pepper to taste

6 avocado’s, cubed

Mix all ingredients, except for the avocado, into a small mixing bowl. In a separate larger bowl, mash avocado for a creamy texture or leave in cubes for a thick and chunky texture. Add remaining ingredient mixture to mashed avocado and mix.

MEXICAN SOUR CREAM– makes about 1½ cups

2- 5.3oz Oikos plain nonfat Greek yogurt

1/3 tsp chili powder

1/3 tsp cumin

1/3 tsp smoked paprika

Juice of ½ lime

Cream cheese is another bad boy in the condiment department for its high calorie and saturated fat contribution to any food. The typical serving of 2 Tbsp has 10g of total fat and nearly 6g of saturated fat, which is 14% and 28% of your total daily value respectively. Two words for you: ditch it and boost it! Try substituting this Tzatziki recipe using Oikos plain Greek yogurt on your favorite bagel creation to increase protein and minimize unhealthy fats.

TZATZIKI- makes about 1½ cups

5.3oz Oikos plain nonfat Greek yogurt

½ cucumber, deseeded and diced

4 sprigs or 2 Tbsps dill, minced

Juice of ½ lemon

Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients into small mixing bowl. Spread on your favorite bagel or dip with whole grain pita and vegetable crudités.

Mix ingredients together until creamy in texture. Serve as a dip or topping.

Take your yogurt a step further with this post workout breakfast sandwich packed with protein from smoked salmon, a fried egg and the Oikos plain Greek yogurt. You’ll never want to go through the drive through next to the gym again.


1 English muffin, toasted

2 Tbsp Oikos plain nonfat Greek yogurt Tzatziki (recipe above)

1 slice purple onion

1 slice tomato

2 oz smoked salmon

1 fried egg

Salt and pepper to taste

Spread Oikos plain nonfat Greek yogurt Tzatziki onto English muffin, then layer additional ingredients to create sandwich.

This next recipe made me wonder why do people buy ice cream anymore? You may have heard of the food trend “Nice Cream” with healthy ice cream substitutions all over social media. Many taste delicious but are still loaded with sugar and fat that don’t necessarily make them a healthier alternative.

Customize your very own homemade frozen yogurt by using just two nutrient dense ingredients: frozen banana and frozen Oikos nonfat Greek yogurt. This is a simple way to satisfy your sweet tooth while sticking to a healthy diet. Just add your favorite whole food ingredients and toppings to make a delicious treat.

HOMEMADE Fro-YOikos – basic recipe, serves 1

5.3oz Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt, frozen

1 banana, frozen

Mix ingredients and additional flavorings in a blender until thick, creamy in texture. Serve with toppings of your choice.


5.3oz Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla Greek nonfat yogurt, frozen

1 Tbsp nut butter

1 Tbsp dark chocolate chips

1 Tbsp cashew pieces


5.3oz Oikos Triple Zero Mixed Berry Greek yogurt, frozen

1 cup frozen blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries or mix thereof

½ frozen banana


5.3oz Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla Greek yogurt, frozen

¼ cup pumpkin puree, frozen (I love using these ice cube trays to freeze puree fruit)

½ banana, frozen

½ tsp cinnamon

PEACH Fro-YOikos

5.3oz Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla Greek yogurt, frozen

½ frozen peach, sliced

½ banana, frozen

½ tsp cardamom

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do! I’d love to see your creations on your Instragam. Be sure to #educatedplate and take advantage of this discount code to receive your own Oikos Greek Yogurt Expires: 12/31/17

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