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Customized sports nutrition education offers you and your team the tools to reach top performance goals. You can provide your body with the cleanest, nutrient dense fuel it deserves or compromised power that leaves you dragging. Whether you are a weekend warrior, amateur or professional athlete, fueled plates provide clients the energy needed to prepare for competition and recover daily. 




One 60 minute Initial Consultation + One 30 minute Follow-up + Four Weeks email support

Just like a warm up, get started with a nutrition assessment. We will explore your relationship with food; diet, lifestyle, medical history, exercise regimen, desired performance, weight and health goals and possible barriers you may have to overcome. You will receive customized sport specific food and nutrition education, recommendations, action steps, pertinent handouts and an ingredient list of healthy nutrient dense foods to help achieve your goals. One follow-up and four weeks of email support included to access progress, understanding and provide further resources and education. 






Consistent bi-weekly follow-ups offer accountability for your commitments. All programs include an initial consultation and are followed by discounted monthly programs. To review progress, keep motivation flowing and support you need to stay on track follow-ups are done via phone or Skype. Unlimited emails and text support are included with all programs. Whether it is approval of a pictured plate you're about to eat or an additional handout on a specific topic, we've got you covered!


             ONE MONTH

                 One 60 minute Initial Consultation + Three 30 minute Follow-Ups + Unlimited Emails & Motivational Texts



             THREE MONTHS

                One 60 minute Initial Consultation + Six 30 minute Follow-Ups + Unlimited Emails & Motivational Texts



             SIX MONTHS

                 One 60 minute Initial Consultation + Twelve 30 minute Follow-Ups + Unlimited Emails & Motivational Texts



             NINE MONTHS

                 One 60 minute Initial Consultation + Eighteen 30 minute Follow-Ups + Unlimited Emails & Motivational Texts






             GROUP SEMINAR

                 Ideal for a group of individuals that play the same position on a team or have the same weight goals. Athletes                          interact in a sport specific nutrition exploration, so they can support and motivate each other in achieving                                  goals alike. Fueling before, during and after practice is discussed in addition to hydration, supplements, essential                      foods and more. Limited to 10-15 players.




                 Unite the team with food and nutrition education, expectations, tools and resources. Presentation topics start with                  basic sports nutrition education including hydration, supplements, eating during travel, grocery shopping, smart                      snacking, sleep and much more!




                 Educate the educators by bringing coaches, trainers, parents and advisors together for customized sports nutrition                  education. Sport specific, tools, resources and guides will be provided as a roadmap to food and nutrition success                    on and off the field. Topics include top nutrient dense foods for snacks, pre-, during and post-game meals,                              grocery lists, signs of disordered eating, supporting those with allergies and special diets, healthy restaurant dining                  during travel and much more! 



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