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" I believe the coaches in our life are the people of greatest influence and the nutrition coaching I received from Kate has been invaluable. In just over a month she was able to hone in on what I needed most for immediate impact as well as provide me with coaching material and recipes that I'm still learning from today. When you really consider your long term health it just makes sense to work with an expert, like Kate, so you can better help yourself today, tomorrow and into the future. "
Certified Mental Coach & Sioux Falls Outfielder
" Working with Kate has helped me in so many ways. As an athlete, Kate has helped me use food to enhance performance and recovery, by fueling my body with the proper key nutrients. As an endurance athlete nutrition plays a crucial role while sweating it out for hours on end, Kate formulated the perfect race day plan to help me dial in on the proper amounts of hydration, electrolytes and nutrients. Have loved working with Kate to help reach my personal and athletic goals and can’t wait for the progress to continue. "
As a  former colligate swimmer, post- graduation Hailey decided to transition to Triathlons. Her big dream is qualifying for the Ironman World Championships on the Big Island of Hawaii. She has competed in nearly dozen triathlons of various distances and is currently training for many more! 
 -hailey nievergelt
2016 Charleston Sprint Series age group Champion &
1st PLace in age group in the Rock n Roll Man 70.3 Half Iron Distance race 
" Working with Kate has helped me tremendously. I've put on the good weight that I wanted to and I've been able to actually maintain it. My body feels the best it has in years. I'm finishing up rehab in the next couple weeks so I can't wait to see the impact this has on my performance. "
 -Jason Adam
CHatanooga Lookouts AA Pitcher
"Working with Kate has been an incredible experience. Having a nutritional background I extremely appreciate what she does for us on a day to day basis. The biggest thing for me has been the knowledge she has been able to pass along. I know that I have changed many of my dieting principles after speaking with her, and felt especially prepared going into this last off season. It's just a very comforting feeling knowing that the information she is providing is factual. "  
- Rich Condeelis
Former Twins Gulf COast League Pitcher
"Working with Kate has helped me a ton through the past 6 months at college.  She helped me set goals and step in the right direction to achieve them. She has given me several helpful tips and ideas as to what I should and shouldn't eat throughout the day and for pre and post workouts. Kate also helped me better understand what a well balanced meal should consist of on a day to day basis to help reach my goals."
- Trevor Hogenson
catcher at University of Wisconsin, whitewater
class of 2020 
"When Kate posted a 3-ingredient recipe for Banana Oat Treats, I knew I had to make them! For me, simple recipes are perfect. Since March I've made them every week as part of my Sunday meal prep. I adapted the recipe and now bake them adding a variety of toppings. We've working together to determine balanced breakfasts and snacks that fit my busy schedule and dietary needs. Thanks Kate!"
Philadelphia HAlf marathon finisher,
Lifeguard 15+ years
"I worked with Kate in Rhode Island in 2015. I asked her for some weight loss tips as I was trying to lose about 15 pounds (I figured that was a realistic goal.) She talked to me for probably 1/2 hour and gave me a lot of good tips and advice. After postponing the start of weight loss for over 6 months I began, and using most of her advice and a good amount of exercise I have lost almost 30 pounds. I have not been at this weight in over 15 years. It feels great. Thank you Kate!!!"
- Ed Cook
Director of Purchasing and Auxiliary Services
aT Bryant University
& Senior Lectorer at Umass Boston
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